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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Operations aids organizations nationwide in evaluating the environmental, social and economic effects of developments. Before you take action, we conduct thorough reviews of database records and site conditions. Our team follows established ASTM standards to conduct Phase I considerations for sites associated with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Small Business Association (SBA).

Phase I ESAs

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a form of due diligence consulting intended to explore the current and historical uses of a property. Environmental Operations, Inc. performs these assessments to identify potential or existing environmental contamination.

Over the years, we examined several property types such as vacant land, multi-family residential properties, retail/commercial developments, industrial facilities, and more on behalf of our clients. The completion of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment industrial property typically includes the following:

  • A site visit by a team of environmental consultants
  • A review of federal, state, tribal and local databases
  • A review of historical records
  • A review of state and local agency records
  • Interviews with current and past property owners, operators, occupants and all others associated with the property
  • Comprehensive document review and regulatory analysis
  • Identify recognized environmental conditions, if present


The SBA developed a faster, less expensive environmental due diligence option, known as Record Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA). At nearly half the cost of a Phase I ESAs, an RSRA uses the same database records but is faster due to no physical subject property visit. RSRAs typically apply to small businesses where the risk of contamination is significantly lower. 


An RSRA involves pulling public records to determine risk, such as: 

  • City Directories 
  • Fire Insurance Maps
  • Historic Aerial Photos 

Property Transfer Consulting

Buyers, sellers and developers must understand the environmental risks and liabilities present at a site before they take action. Our team helps property owners conduct proper environmental due diligence before transferring a property, particularly with Phase I ESAs. Explore how we aid property transfers for properties across the U.S.

Key Point of Contact

Julie Gibbs-Alley

Program Manager, Property Due Diligence (314) 480-4675 Julie@environmentalops.com

Julie Gibbs-Alley joined Environmental Operations, Inc. as an environmental professional in 2008, and is currently a program manager for due diligence services. In the environmental industry, Julie has overseen the completion of over 2,000 Phase I Assessments, Preliminary Assessments, Transaction Screens and other environmental investigations. 

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