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Brownfield Remediation Consultants

Brownfield remediation involves environmentally challenged properties that pose both an opportunity and a risk. With proper investigation, planning and remediation, these properties represent a tremendous investment. Environmental Operations, Inc. acts as one of the country’s leaders in assisting private developers and government agencies in handling the successful reclamation of brownfield projects. 

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Capabilities in Brownfield Projects

Our team boasts extensive capabilities in brownfield remediation and a proven safety track record. EOI’s work has been recognized by numerous Phoenix Brownfield Awards, Associated General Contractors of America’s Build America awards, and numerous government officials. We act in your best interest, finding tactics to mitigate costs while maximizing potential returns and tax remediation. Our team navigates grant writing, site assessment, consulting, engineering and custom solutions for your complex site. 


  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund Assistance
  • Remediation Design for Soil, Groundwater and Vapor
  • Removal/Disposal of Contaminated Soils and Hazardous Wastes
  • Risk Management
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure
  • Vapor Mitigation Systems
  • Groundwater Treatment and Recovery

Tax Remediation Programs

Brownfield projects are eligible for federal, state and local tax incentive programs through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We identify programs that may benefit your redevelopment so you may leverage these funds toward addressing contamination issues with an environmental consulting firm at your side. 

Environmental Risk Transfer

Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) offers risk-transfer solutions to corporations that wish to cost-effectively eliminate environmental liability. EOI bridges the gap for our clients to offer environmental risk transfer services.

Key Point of Contact

Chuck Munroe

President (314) 480-4649 chuck@environmentalops.com

Chuck Munroe’s primary focus is directing business strategy, providing leadership within the company, and overseeing operations.  Chuck has been with EOI since 1996 and has operated in many capacities including extensive experience in Phase I/Phase II ESAs, petroleum storage tank closure, site remediation, risk management and Brownfield redevelopment.


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