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Turnkey Abatement and Demolition Services

There are huge financial risks associated with abatement and demolition services — you deserve an environmental services partner who will develop a sound plan of action and follow through with it firsthand. Environmental Operations, Inc. is the industry leader in efficient demolition services and cost-effective abatement services. Each certified abatement and demolition contractor provides a high level of assurance that tasks will be completed correctly, on time and within budget.

Abatement Services

Our contractors do not take shortcuts. Instead, we provide long-lasting solutions to complication contamination problems across multiple sites. Our team often handles lead mitigation, mold remediation and asbestos abatement — we currently offer the following abatement services

  • Encapsulation 
  • Enclosure 
  • Complete Removal 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Asbestos, Lead and Mold Clearance Sampling
  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Brownfields Enrollment and Oversight
  • Abatement and Bid Specifications
  • Demolition and Bid Specifications
Key Point of Contact

John Perkins

Senior Project Manager (314) 758-3562 johnp@environmentalops.com

John Perkins is a senior project manager with EOI, specializing in building abatement. John is an estimator and has worked in asbestos abatement for over 20 years. 

Demolition Services

Each demolition contractor at Environmental Operations, Inc. offers full-service demolition solutions, handling the initial planning stages all the way through the final site cleanup. Our goal is to clear the way for your project to move forward. We currently offer the following demolition services:

  • Interior Demolition
  • Selective Demolition 
  • Foundation Removal 
  • Tank Excavation
  • Asset Recovery & Recycling 
  • Site Clearing 
  • Abatement and Demolition (Interior/Selective) Bid Specifications
Key Point of Contact

Dave Costello

Senior Project Manager (314) 480-4689 davidc@environmentalops.com

Dave Costello is a senior project manager at EOI with extensive experience in building demolition services. Throughout the past 20 years, Dave held leadership roles in construction firms, including general foreman, field superintendent, assistant vice president and demolition operations manager.

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