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Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

When a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies a recognized environmental condition (REC), a property’s value may be negatively impacted without proper action. We conduct Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in this instance — testing hidden subsurface conditions such as soil, vapor and groundwater to determine the impact of petroleum or other hazardous substances. 

Phase II Environmental Investigations

Environmental professionals at EOI investigate properties for potential chemicals of concern, and state/federal regulations. Our team includes geologists and engineers who utilize the findings of a Phase I report to guide recommendations for your site.

We collect and interpret chemical and geological data to inform our partners of their risks moving forward. The following services may be present in our Phase I ESAs:

  • Subsurface Soil Boring
  • Groundwater and Soil Vapor Monitoring Well Installation
  • Soil, Water and/or Vapor Sample Collection and Laboratory Analysis
  • Geophysical Testing for Buried Tanks and Drums 
  • Risk analysis and Modeling

Areas of Concern


The EOI team often takes soil samples to analyze their chemical composition and potentially determine the precise location of hazardous materials. After the Phase II ESA, we provide recommendations for further mitigation and cleanup.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mercury, pesticides and other vapors may create adverse health effects for those on the property. Our team samples air quality, creates risk models and makes recommendations for future mitigation. 


Groundwater may easily be contaminated by petroleum, metals and other hazardous chemicals. Our geologists examine where the contamination originates during the Phase II ESA and recommend steps toward mitigation. 

Brownfield Remediation

Our team handles environmentally challenging sites across the U.S. — sometimes, these sites may need remediation after a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. With expertise and tactful reformation, we help partners transform property risk into valuable opportunities. 

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Key Point of Contact

Lawrence Rosen, R.G.

Senior Project Manager (314) 480-4694 larryr@environmentalops.com

Lawrence Rosen has over 30 years of experience as a senior project manager, field manager and onsite geologist for major RCRA, DERA and CERCLA projects throughout the Midwest. He works alongside environmental specialists to oversee subsurface investigations, geophysical surveys, collection of soil samples and the design/development of groundwater monitoring wells — with high consideration for federal requirements and guidelines. 

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