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Industrial Hygiene & Safety

Environmental Operations, Inc. (EOI) Industrial Hygiene & Safety managers assist many sectors of the economy including, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and manufacturing ensure their employees, residents and visitors live in work in a safe, healthy climate. We provide services including monitoring the presence of radon, mold, carbon monoxide, bacteria, asbestos and lead and outline plans to contain hazards.

If abatement is necessary, EOI can also help. In addition, we provide safety services such as ergonomic evaluations, lockout tagout, confined space, safety training, audits, inspections and even full outsources safety compliance. Over the decades, our team has ensured the safety of countless businesses, professionals, and citizens through our work.

Case Study 1

EOI provided full-service, turnkey pre-renovation assessments, abatement oversight and verification surveys for a national client with warehouse facilities nationwide. The projects began with one of EOI’s industrial hygiene professionals performing a pre-renovation survey to identify potential lead, asbestos and other regulated materials requiring removal before renovation. 

EOI coordinated with local abatement subcontractors and managed all abatement procedures according to plan. At the end of the abatement process, we performed verification sampling and prepared a final report outlining all actions taken. Ultimately, we verified completion of abatement procedures in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements.

Case Study 2

EOI performed industrial hygiene surveys for an industrial client with locations nationwide. The purpose of the surveys was to determine if employees experienced exposure to noise or air contaminants above the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) permissible exposure limits (PELs). An EOI industrial hygiene professional visited each site and performed the necessary monitoring in accordance with the appropriate regulatory guidelines. 

After monitoring activities, our team produced a final report outlining the facility’s compliance with respect to employee exposure compared to applicable PELs and a discussion of overall healthy building parameters. We noted deficiencies and then provided recommendations to reduce employee exposure to contaminants and boost overall building air quality.

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