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Environmental Operations, Inc. (EOI) provides long-lasting environmental solutions to buildings with contamination complications. Our team works with businesses across the U.S., handling lead-based paint, mold and asbestos removal. Through our abatement services, we create peace of mind in the safety of every building. 

Case Study 1

EOI partnered with Screaming Eagle Development to safely transform an existing structure into a 56-unit apartment complex. The project utilized the historic MacDonald Building — a vacant structure at 1800 Washington in the Downtown West area of St. Louis, Missouri. 

As their environmental service partner, we connected the developers with contracted interior demolition and abatement services. Our contractors cleared walls, pipes and other internal components without compromising the overall structural integrity and air quality. 

Historic buildings often contain asbestos, a harmful fiber that causes serious, often fatal health conditions. Our team worked quickly to mitigate air contamination from demolition, performing asbestos removal to protect the developers and their future residents. EOI’s management team took the helm of this project and ensured they could move forward with their proposed plan.

Case Study 2

EOI was contacted to remove existing mold after a property at 502 Earth City experienced a water main break. Our Licensed professionals investigated the site and provided recommendations to the tenants. Ultimately our contracting team abated areas of concerns

Our team inspected the site for the presence of mold, and from there, we took measures to contain, ventilate and ultimately remove any existing mold. Following the removal process, our team applied safe chemical solutions to prevent future mold growth. Since the building was a bit older, the EOI team also tested for asbestos to determine whether or not removal would be safe and necessary. Our licensed asbestos removal contractors investigated the site, provided recommendations to the tenants and ultimately removed areas of concern.

By the end of the mold remediation and asbestos abatement process, all tenants returned to a safe work environment.

Case Study 3

EOI partnered with ICS Construction and M1 Bank as they transformed a former PNC Bank into their newest branch location at 7801 Forsyth Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri. Our environmental specialists and contractors aided in the demolition and abatement process of the property. 

Our environmental contractors performed demolition and abatement and selective demolition of the building. Prior to demolition we identified presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos, mold, lead-based paint and beyond. We contained and mitigated the hazards to allow for M1 Bank to proceed with redevelopment of the building. By the end of the process, M1 Bank was free to move forward with its development.

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