Meredith Springs

Senior Professional Engineer, Compliance Services

Specialty: Environmental Regulation and Compliance with a focus on air regulations

Professional Registrations: MissouriProfessional Engineer , 40-Hour RCRA/Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (29 CFR 1910.120) Certified; Certified in official EPA Methods 9 and 22 (Opacity Readings)

Experience: Ms. Springs joined Environmental Operations, Inc. in 2019 as an environmental engineer in the Compliance Services group. She has a strong background in environmental engineering gained through more than 23 years of professional experience in industry, consulting, and regulatory compliance.  Ms. Springs possesses solid experience with the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act; storm water and NPDES permitting; SPCC plan development; solid and hazardous waste management under RCRA; TSCA registration; international regulations and registration; and EPCRA reporting.   

Ms. Springs’s project experience includes:

  • Preparation of air construction and operating permits for major, synthetic minor, and minor sources in multiple states covering a variety of industries and types of sources.
  • Preparation of annual air emissions and compliance reports for various types and sizes of industrial facilities located in multiple states.
  • Development of RMP and PSM documents for facilities utilizing toxic and/or flammable chemicals.
  • Preparation of annual EPCRA reports, including Tier II and TRI (Section 313) reports for facilities with flammable and toxic chemicals.
  • Development of quarterly, annual, and biannual hazardous waste reports for facilities in IL and MO.
  • Conducting environmental compliance audits for various industries, encompassing both air-specific and multi-media environmental protocols.
  • Preparation and PE certification of SPCC plans for several industrial facilities utilizing edible and non-edible petroleum products.
  • Preparation of storm water pollution plans for industrial facilities as well as No Exposure Certifications and NPDES permit applications.
  • Performing OSHA HAZCOM and USDOT Hazmat training for a chemical facility.
  • Registration of new chemicals and products using the ePMN forms in the TSCA Inventory database.
  • Preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for new materials.
  • Assisting clients with the documents certifying compliance with REACH and other various international environmental regulations.
  • Performing air dispersion modeling.
  • Managing air emissions testing projects for various sites, including emergency generators.