John Diehl

General Counsel and Vice President of Real Estate

John has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of land development including risk transfer projects, working with owners and community stakeholders in  land use processing, development incentives, clean energy/clean tech projects.   John has a unique perspective in building strategic relationships between private entities and the local and state governments which oversee projects. This experience includes negotiating conditions of approval from appropriate agencies. In addition, he drafts, negotiates, and obtains the approval of general plan amendments, redevelopment plans, zoning amendments and development agreements. During the past ten years, John has overseen and closed over  $1 billion in development projects ranging from corporate headquarters, brownfield sites, retail, industrial, power plants,  landfill re-positioning projects and ports. He is the author of Missouri’s laws on Property Assessment for Clean Energy (PACE),  renewable energy credits for clean energy parks, and mechanics liens.   John has served as a partner and business development leader in the real estate and public finance departments of two of Missouri’s largest law firms before joining Environmental Operations.