Andrew J. (A.J.) Adams

Program Manager - Property Assessment Services

Mr. Adams has served as an Environmental Scientist at Environmental Operations, Inc. since 1997.  He has been managing  the Property Assessment and Consulting department since 2004, which conducts various scopes of work relating to environmental due diligence. Mr. Adams has completed or overseen the completion of more than 3,500 Phase I ESAs, Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screens, Brownfield Pilots, Preliminary Assessments, Transaction Screens, NEPA Environmental Assessments, and other environmental investigations on properties located throughout the United States. Mr. Adams specializes in the analysis of environmental issues affecting properties in accordance with ASTM standards for conducting environmental site assessments. Working with a variety of properties, ranging from smaller multi-family redevelopments and simple commercial transactions, to complex industrial sites with significant  contamination and complex transactions, Mr. Adams employs his 20 years of experience to manage his staff of Environmental Professionals to deliver cost-effective due diligence services to meet client needs.