Station Plaza

The Kirkwood Road Target store was leaving historic downtown Kirkwood, Missouri. Commercial trends and requirements had directed a move to a newer and larger store in the new Kirkwood Commons power center. The seven-acre site at 140 South Kirkwood Road was left unoccupied, a vacancy in the center of Kirkwood’s historic downtown business district. MLP Investments became aware of this site and, recognizing its potential, approached the site’s owner, The DESCO Group, with a far-sighted, community-promoting proposal – rather than plant another big box retailer into Kirkwood’s historic town center, MLP Investments would create a mixed-use retail and residential development anchored by a civic
plaza that would become a new focal point of downtown Kirkwood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Together, The DESCO Group and MLP Investments promoted this plan to the Kirkwood City Council. Pleased to know that the historic charm of Kirkwood would be maintained and enhanced, the City approved the project.

Environmental Activities
The new development on the site required demolition and excavation, which in turn required pre-demolition abatement and the remediation of soils previously capped by parking lot surfaces. Environmental Operations, Inc. (EOI) was engaged as the environmental and demolition contractor. Three on-site former Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) mandated the remediation of approximately 8,000 tons of petroleum -impacted soil, which was disposed of as special waste.

In addition, EOI provided the pre-demolition abatement, removing approximately 120,000 square feet of asbestos floor tiles and mastic, fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts, and thermal system insulation. EOI performed all demolition activities, reclaimed the Freon from the HVAC system , and conducted the utility disconnects and water tap destroys.

Funded by LaSalle Bank, the $40 million development is now under construction and on schedule. Kirkwood and the surrounding communities have proved more than enthusiastic – initial residential marketing has resulted in a strong response. Starting at $419,000, 13 of the 24 luxury townhouses have already been sold. Negotiations with national chains to fill the restaurant and retail spaces are promising – the Johnny Rocket restaurant has just been signed and more agreements are

Station Plaza has been designed based on the recent movement known as “New Urbanism,” a development style that reflects hometown images with a pedestrian-friendly scope and streetscape design. The ambience will be a harmonious blend of luxury townhouses, two-story urban lofts, sumptuous high-end apartments, and fashionable restaurants and retail outlets, all nestled in the heart of Kirkwood.